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Sep 13, 2013

Is There a Herbal Cure for Fibroids?


Fibroids on uterus can be devastating to a woman’s self esteem. It induces a lot of anxiety and depression leave alone the strange symptoms like sudden weight gain, acne, body hair, heavy painful periods and infertility. She not only has to live with it but also her daily work gets affected. It is like a life sentence.

How to deal with fibroids?

With accurate diagnosis the symptoms can be reversed. If the doctor has advised to just monitor the tumors for the time being, one can use this period of observation more productively by boosting her immune system to fight off fibroids. It is learnt that hormones influences the uterine fibroids . The tumor tissues are hypersensitive to estrogen. Excess estrogen fuels abnormal growth in the tumor cells. The fibroids begin to grow in size as they can’t regulate the estrogen level. The fibroids lead to heavy menstrual bleeding thus affecting the health of the woman. To cure fibroids, the best approach is to regulate estrogens. It keeps a healthy blood circulation and good detoxification of the tissues in the uterus. It also manages pain and reduces the excessive menstrual bleeding especially for pregnant mothers.


proven holistic system to cure fibroids naturally

There are various ways to cure the uterine fibroids. One such ways is to treat it them with herbs. This may sound strange but herbs have a definite impact on the uterus The main quality of the herbs is to increase the immunity and the body metabolism. This in turn controls the estrogen, which has a direct influence on the myoma.

Herbs go to the source of the problem by maintaining the estrogen levels. It also stimulates the liver which increases metabolism thus reducing the excess estrogen. These are antioxidants that cleanses the body by removing the toxins. They clear tissue congestion and also prevent new uterine growths. Some herbs have been pivotal in not only shrinking the fibroid but also reversing the symptoms .

Listed below are few herbs and plants that can actually help cure the fibroids in uterus naturally.

  • Cayenne pepper – Cayenne pepper has a natural ability to boost the woman’s immune system and improve the body’s circulatory mechanisms. This leads to a stronger body. Cayenne also has natural compounds that can reduce or stop bleeding.
  • Agnus castus – The herb regulates the production of female hormones. It increases progesterone, which diminishes the effects of estrogen.
  • Senega – Senega root is a very good herb to heal respiratory diseases. It acts as a protective agent. I also helps in keeping common cold at bay. Senega combats fibroids with blood detoxification and anti inflammation in specific tissues of the body. Detoxification takes the toxins away from the body thus fighting the diseases naturally.
  • Milk Thistle – Milk Thistle enhance the liver function. This is due to silymarin which reduces the effect of estrogen. A daily consumption of 300 to 400 mg of silymarin per day is good for the liver.
  • Horsetail – Horsetail reduces the abdominal cramps as the frequency and intensity of the cramps double up causing extreme pain during the menstrual periods in fibroid patients. It is a natural detoxifying agent like Senega. It is also a natural diuretic hence it detoxifies the body by increasing urine production .Horsetail reduces the menstrual blood substantially. It is a good alternative to birth pills.
  • Self-heal –Self-heal compounds reduce the growth of the tumors. The plant also reduces excessive bleeding during your monthly periods. Self-heal like other herbs also helps in detoxification. This particular herb takes care of liver and the gallbladder which helps in smooth digestion to the patients


Other Key Herbs :

Goldenseal Root- This has antibiotic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory qualities. It alleviates pain and inflammation from the tissue growth.

Ginger Root – A wonder herb for blood circulation. This reduces the inflammation of reproductive region.


proven holistic system to cure fibroids naturally

Dandelion Root & Leaf – Dandelion leaf is rich in minerals and vitamins. Dandelion root improves liver function and controls estrogen by better metabolism. The plant improves hormonal balance.

Pau d’Arco – Tabebuia heptaphylla is its botanical name which is extremely antibacterial. The herb prevents infection in the uterus.

Red Raspberry Leaf – Raspberry leaf is an astringent, it helps in shrinking the fibroid. It also tones the uterine muscles and normalizes the blood flow during the menstrual periods. This is one of the best herbs to control excessive bleeding.

Black Cohosh root – The Black Cohosh roots is an valuable option in relaxation of the uterus which eases the inflammation inside the walls.

Maitake Mushroom – it improves immunity of the body. It is quite effective in improving metabolism and also shrinking the tissue blobs.

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